SEO by Jawsbanana

We realize that the best advertising agency helps your business be more, of what you already are. Continue to grow your brand with Creative SEO. Build up the punch with flawless on-site SEO, innovative, algorithmic inbound SEO, and social commerce.


JAWSBANANA is efficient at growing website traffic. With a focus on the health and wellness industry, we make sites come to life with more relevant visits. Our aim is to help our regions through a holistic SEO approach. We want to help improve our communities well being, through increased wellness and profitability.

What We Do

Experienced with wellness website genres from chiropractic care to rehab facilities, or a spa retreat, Jawsbanana will build business with online presence. We’ve made good use of dozens of existing content management systems. We will also consult with you on building your new site, so that you can be more of what you already are. Contact Jawsbanana today.

We’ll use creative SEO to rank your site in the top positions on Google. We’ll rank your site with high converting keywords like we’ve done with hundreds of sites. We do this with custom built advertising campaigns for results that get more impressive over time.

We offer fresh advertising packages using marketing automation, on-site SEO, content, link building, social media blasts and inbound marketing.