OnPage SEO

Jawsbanana has 12 years success ranking websites on the first page of Google search results. Whether your industry location be a city, state / county, or national, we can bring you the traffic recognition you seek.

An SEO Story

Imagine your company is a submarine afloat in the vast ocean waters, with no sonar and no radar. How about your company flying about in an airplane without GPS navigation? It begins to seem like a surreal nightmare, likened to being on a flamboyant cruise ship, with no marketing department.

This story is to show you what your website is comparable to without the guideposts of well researched and implemented SEO. We’re talking about Jawsbanana OnPage SEO, backlinks, and social commerce, of course. You could essentially be lost at sea without a map, with no anchor, and no navigation from which your products and services can flourish.

Your website might be floating there in cyberspace without optimal tags, unseen by search engine crawls. Without the correct white flags needed to rank higher in search results, people won’t be able to find you when they’re searching for your products and services. Your site can also be structured in a easy to read format and have optimal navigation for potential customers. You always want to display your website content in the best way possible to get noticed.